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اصطلاحات انگلیسی اصطلاحات انگلیسی (1398/12/29)

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nazanin12 1399/01/20

برگردیم به داستان «جوجه اردک زشت.»
 Let's go back to the story of "The Ugly Duckling."

rezatavakkoli 1399/01/20

جوجه اردک ، زشت نیست...
این ماییم که ظاهر ببینیم
Duckling is never an ugly thing to look at

mehdi5129 1399/01/17

Our neighbor's daughter looks very ugly, just like an ugly duckling

yasinkurd48980 1399/01/12

Duckling is never an ugly thing to look at
جوجه اردک زشت نیس این ماییم که ظاهر بینیم

Tarnisa 1399/01/09

The ugly ducklingMummy Duck lived on a farm. In her nest, she had five little eggs and one big egg. One day, the five little eggs started to crack. Tap, tap, tap! Five pretty, yellow baby ducklings came out.Then the big egg started to crack. Bang, bang, bang! One big, ugly duckling came out. ‘That’s strange,’ thought Mummy Duck.Nobody wanted to play with him. ‘Go away,’ said his brothers and sisters. ‘You’re ugly!’The ugly duckling was sad. So he went to find some new friends.‘Go away!’ said the pig. ‘Go away!’ said the sheep. ‘Go away!’ said the cow. ‘Go away!’ said the horse.No one wanted to be his friend. It started to get cold. It started to snow! The ugly duckling found an empty barn and lived there. He was cold, sad and alone.Then spring came. The ugly duckling left the barn and went back to the pond.He was very thirsty and put his beak into the water. He saw a beautiful, white bird! ‘Wow!’ he said. ‘Who’s that?’‘It’s you,’ said another beautiful, white bird.‘Me? But I’m an ugly duckling.’‘Not any more. You’re a beautiful swan, like me. Do you want to be my friend?’‘Yes,’ he smiled.All the other animals watched as the two swans flew away, friends forever.

mohmadkm 1399/01/09

The ugly arcade chick is the best of the smallest and smallest
جوجه اردک زشت کنایه ازاخرین وکوچکترین است ک ب بهترین بزرگترین تبدیل شدن است

mythaqawrkzndy 1399/01/08

A person who, despite all expectations, is beautiful and talented: فردی که بر خلاف همهانتظارات زیبا و با استعداد میشود

Saragh 1399/01/05

خودمو میکشم اگر با این جوجه اردک زشت دوست بشی
id kill myself if he went out with this uqly ducking

aaa4 1399/01/04

مثال:she is sad about that everybody say she is ugly duckling of family

bahmanyarjalalshokouhi 1399/01/04

تشبیه اعمال وکردار اشخاص به زشتی مثالجوجه اردک زشتugly duckling

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